Aetna Graduate Research and Travel Award

The Aetna Chair of Writing invites applications for up to ten (10) annual $500 awards for site research or professional travel aimed at studying or presenting on writing in academic disciplines, workplaces, or other contexts. Successful applications might, for example, focus on:

  • The teaching of writing in higher education
  • The process and practice of writing in various settings—creative, literary, professional, interdisciplinary, etc.
  • How an author, literary figure, or academic figure has used writing to make or engage change in the world

The largest total award granted (per year, per applicant) will be $500.

Application Guidelines

  • Should be addressed to the Aetna Chair of Writing Advisory Board
  • Should be sent to the Aetna Chair of Writing: Professor Brenda Brueggemann (
  • Should be submitted AT LEAST 4 WEEKS IN ADVANCE of your planned research or conference travel.  8 weeks is even better.  12 weeks is optimal!
  • Should include the following:
    • A narrative of approximately 300-500 words that:
      • Indicates the research/travel project’s contribution to the study or teaching of writing
      • Describes the proposed use of the funds
    • A brief budget explanation that documents, in as much detail as possible, how the funds will be spent
    • The applicant’s latest academic CV
The award is open for application.  Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and awards will be dispensed until funds are expended.  Award applications are ideally considered when submitted at least 4 week in advance of the event/opportunity.  Eight (8)  weeks is better. Twelve (12) weeks is optimal if an applicant wants the fullest consideration.

Following the Award

  1. Successful applicants will be recognized at the annual Aetna Spring Celebration of Student Writing (this year’s Celebration will take place near the end of April 2019).
  2. A brief (150-word) summary statement regarding the use and impact of the award is requested from the awarded applicant (typically within six months of receiving the award).
  3. Applicants receiving awards are encouraged (even expected) to develop a “poster” around their awarded project for the annual (2020) Aetna Celebration of Student Writing (date TBD but likely in the final week of April 2020).