Aetna Graduate Teaching Award

Call for Nominations: 2019 Aetna Graduate Teaching Award 

The Aetna Graduate Teaching Award, sponsored by the Aetna Foundation, is an award that strives to recognize the dedication and innovation of graduate students who teach writing at the University of Connecticut. This award is open to any currently enrolled graduate student teaching a writing course, regardless of departmental or programmatic affiliation.

Please note that the nomination process for this award has changed. All entries must now be self-nominations, accompanied by a materials packet containing:

  • A short statement of intent (detailing qualifications/reasons for applying)
  • A teaching philosophy
  • An annotated sample assignment (annotations should elaborate on thought process/reasoning)
  • An annotated syllabus (annotations should elaborate on thought process/reasoning)

Important: These four documents must be consolidated into one file.


Deadline: April 1, 2019




The Aetna Graduate Teaching Award is usually given to one Storrs graduate teaching assistant each year.  The prize is typically awarded at the First-Year Writing Program’s annual Conference on the Teaching of Writing. The nominees go through a rigorous evaluation process, including an assessment of their teaching philosophies, syllabi, and assignments. The winner is selected by a committee of faculty and Aetna Advisory Board members. The award comes with a cash prize of $500; if multiple winners are selected, the committee will decide how to allocate prize money.

Previous Winners:

  • Dan Graham (2018)
  • Meghan Burns (2017)
  • Emma Burris-Janssen (2016)
  • Emily Tucker (2015)
  • George Moore (2014)
  • Christina Henderson (2013)
  • Abbye Meyer (2012)
  • Amanda Smith (2011)
  • Rebecca Nisetich (2010)
  • Mary Elizabeth Lough (2009)
  • Sarah Rasher (2008)
  • Jon Kotchian (2007)
  • Katie Peel (2006)
  • Aaron Bremyer, Ken Cormier, Anita Duneer, and Andy Pfrenger (2005)
  • Peter Sinclair (2004)
  • Joshua Masters (2002)
  • Nancy Knowles (1999).