The calendar below lists upcoming events sponsored by the Aetna Chair of Writing, the English Department, the Creative Writing Program, the First-Year Writing Program, or the Connecticut Writing Project.

  1. 11/1Letters About Literature Submissions Open
  1. 11/2Day-Long Saturday Writing Retreat
  1. 11/4Start the Week Off Write!
  1. 11/7FYE Blast
  1. 11/8David Gooblar
  1. 11/11Start the Week Off Write!
  1. 11/13Humanities Fellow Research Talk: Hayley Stefan
  1. 11/14Margaret Gibson Creative Sustenance Reading
  1. 11/14Margaret Gibson Poetry Reading
  1. 11/18Start the Week Off Write!
  1. 11/21Reflections on the Work of Philip Roth by Dr. Sondra Melzer
  1. 11/23Teacher as Writer Workshop