The calendar below lists upcoming events sponsored by the Aetna Chair of Writing, the English Department, the Creative Writing Program, the First-Year Writing Program, or the Connecticut Writing Project.

  1. 2/1Deadline to submit to Aetna Writing Awards
  1. 2/5Digital Humanities & Media Studies talk - Nancy Baym, "The Relational Affordances of Platforms"
  1. 2/20Walt Whitman and Lively Materiality with Jane Bennett
  1. 2/21Colloquium With Jane Bennett
  1. 2/22Teacher-as-Writer Workshop
  1. 2/24Writing Center Tutor Recruitment/Information Table
  1. 2/25Jenny Spinner: "It's a Woman Speaking"
  1. 2/26Writing Center Tutor Recruitment/Information Table
  1. 2/26Penelope Pelizzon: "Animals and Instruments"
  1. 2/27Writers Who Edit, Editors Who Write Series
  1. 2/29Day-Long Saturday Writing Retreat